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Creating a great identity for your business is as important as it is to pick a great name for your baby. It has an influence on that business’s entire life-span in every way. Picking the best name and turning that into an identity in the market niche in which that business is operating, is called branding. One of Dr. Davidson’s passions is picking great names! He is gifted in it. A good name can make a business and a bad name can literally, nearly kill a business.

I am sure that you know of hundreds of business names that you simply cannot forget, and as soon as you think of buying, or ordering something, you can’t help but remember that name! Coke, Domino’s, 7-11, McDonald’s.

Most times it is the power of advertising that in your mind, has ingrained that business name synonymous with that which you are interested in; or it may be also that this business was the first of its kind that came to market, or both, just like in the case of Uber; but sometimes, it’s simply because the name itself is just expressive of what the business is about. That simple. Think of Lyft. Uber had to spend all that money to create the market, and the recognition, but Lyft, which simply has a brilliant name, is riding on its tail to a good degree. Just super brilliant.

If you own a business with that kind of a name, your advertising dollars go a whole lot further than some company with a vague and ambiguous name that in itself has no relationship to the type of business it is associated with. Our job as business engineers is to do our best to pick a name for the new business that is unique, short, and memorable, yet expressive of what that business is about. It is not an easy task most of the time.

Once we have done that, we need to create an identity that simplifies the recollection of the name of that business when customers are thinking of utilizing that type of business. Then we need to PROTECT THAT NAME, by trademarks, or service marks and copyrights as needed; followed by turning it into a BRAND.

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No two websites are alike. We custom design every website depending on your business, your business's operations and its needs, with the intentions of optimizing your profits. So, it is hard to predict the exact length of time it may take to engineer a custom design, however, it is usually no more that a few short weeks.


The idea of redesigning your current website depends on your needs and intentions. Sometimes, small changes are all that are needed and at times, it is much better to create a completely new design with a transformed brand and placement in the market in mind. All that is a serious business decision that should not be made in isolation. That is what makes our company unique and special. American Elite-TechArt will evaluate your business and work with you to decide what your best strategy would be.


Responsive web design (RWD) is a method of website design to make the web pages that render well on all screen sizes, and present great resolutions while ensuring good usability. It is how we can design for a multi-device type use website. HTML is a web language that is fundamentally pretty responsive, and fluid. When we create a website containing HTML, without CSS, and resize the window, then the browser will automatically reflow the text in order to fit the viewport. Usually long lines of text displayed on full screen, wide monitor may be difficult to read. Responsive web design ( RWD) enables automatic adaption to the screen, of tablet, phone, television, or watch., making it fit to any size screen.

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